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Midnight Love…Midnight Trains…

I have been visiting Daydee late at night now because that’s when fewer ppl are around.  The night before last it was very quiet and peaceful and warm.  The sky was clear and the stars were out. A late-night train was thrumming away, adding to our romantic moment.

But last night, at the same time, many people were around, the sky was cloudy, it was cold and damp, and I was feeling sinus-y and tired.  There was construction at the bus stop near my dwelling and the driver was tempermental.

Daidra reminded me not to let this discourage me—to remember the better times and to continue to have our trysts.

I have to run some errands; I told her that I would have to work around that but that I would still come.

Effing grocery shopping… I hate grocery shopping…


It has been about a month now, since the big photo shoot of Daidra and myself and I have thus far decided….

…not to do any more right now.  It is all over the web now and although the responses have been overwhelmingly negative, I have never regretted putting it out there.

People need to “get used to it”.  Just like gay marriages!

Now, there can be debate about the talk about the depot “talking to me” or “loving me”, but the feelings I have are real.  OS is real.  A person still can have feelings when they see a great looking elegant building or when they lean up against it.


Meet Daidra and Me!

I love a train depot.

It is 2017 and I have been with her since 2015 August.

We have been committed to one another since Christmas Eve 2015.

The other posts I made can be found here:

I had to remake this blog; I am not sure what happened to it.

Here is the entry I made on my old blog:


My relationship with dee (now named Daidra since 2016), the depot, has been, thus far the best relationship I have ever ever been in!
My past relationships with humans have all s*cked. They’ve been dysfunctional and variable.
my relationship with my objectum has been peaceful and benign; an experience I have never experienced before.

I could not sleep all last night. I kept thinking about being cradled, kept even thinking about even ways to make love to her. I know I will not act on that because there are too many people around. It’s hard to be OS in public! I wish she were in a more private place like my room. She is bigger than my apt bldg, though. lol ha ha! My roommate tried to buy me a replica of her for my birthday last year, but we could not find one ANYWHERE.
Well, I went to see her today, found my niche and “hugged” her. I was terrified of being caught; I did look like I was just leaning on the building. But I am scared someone will know and ask me to stop.
If that happens, I will hate it!

Looking at her Spanish red-tiled roof is like looking up at super-sized red ringlets. Go and look at spanish tiles and you will see what I mean.
And I love ringlets, thick, abundant, curly red hair!
Makes her look so spunky and vibrant.
tonight, I imagined walking on her roof and running my sneakers thru that lovely, thick red “hair”!

Well, last summer, 2015, I found out what it was called: “objectum sexual”.
I am so glad there is a name for this. I thought I was just cuckoo. Many people still think it’s a mental illness, behavioral problem, or pathology, but I found out that others believe that this is in fact a sexual orientation.
I have had relationships with humans, but it just seem too much variable, too much drama. objects are more peaceful experiences to me.
The train depot, here in __________, is so beautiful—pale skinned, red-haired (actually describing the red tiles on the roof, the cream colored paint job. Her campaniles, golden and gleaming, like golden eyes.)
I call her dee.
Today, I was visiting her—I found a niche; her structure has some corners along the walls, and I found a spot where it actually feels like she is cradling me. I can fit my right shoulder and back into this right angular structure whilst I am waiting for the bus home and it really does feel like I am in my lover’s arms!
Will edit later or post a new story.

I have a crush on a train depot. Since I was nine. I did not know what it was called.
I am coming out now.
I am tired of hiding this from people.